Valentine’s Day/ Mother’s Day heart stencils

valentine heart stencils painting printing babies and toddlerThis works well when shades of red, pinks and purple paints are all mixed together.


What you need:

  • paper
  • card to make stencils
  • scissors
  • sponge
  • red, pinks and purple paints


Cut out heart shaped holes in the card

How to create your stencil:

Lay the stencil over the paper and dab on paint with a sponge. We made a card from the stencils.

Card made from the stencils

Card heart stencils


Make a simple Valentine’s Day/ Mother’s Day card

Easy Valentine card babies toddlers paintingCan be made using the painting by a very young children

What you need:

  • paint in reds, pinks and purple
  • paint brush- or use hands and fingers
  • red glitter (optional)
  • large piece of paper- we used A3
  • A4 piece of coloured card
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make you card

Let the child loose with the paints! Mixing them together gives a lovely effect. Sprinkle with red glitter while paint is still wet. Let the paint dry. Fold the coloured card in half and cut out a large heart shape. Cut out a section of the painting that will look good and stick inside the card so that it can be seen through the heart-shaped hole.

This was the original painting

Opened out card


Valentine heart potato printing

heart potato printing painting ideas young children

I was quite surprised how well the heart shape turned out. Rowan really enjoyed this and we now have heart shapes potato prints on some of our cupboard doors!


What you need:

  • a large potato
  • sharp knife
  • red, pink and purple paints
  • paper, we used A3 size


How you make your potato print picture:

I find this works best if you don’t use too much paint. Lots of paint makes the potato slide all over the paper. It doesn’t really matter, you just can’t see the shapes as clearly.

Here’s the potato printer



Valentine’s Day/ Mother’s Day heart handprint- simple Valentine craft idea

handprint heart painting babiesVery simple and easy to do. You could cut it out afterwards and turn into a Valentine’s Day card.

What you need:

  • red, pink or purple paint (we did some other painting too so all our colours were mixed together
  • card- we used A5 size.


Cotton reel printing: painting with babies

cotton reel printing painting with babies and toddlersWheels & tracks – creative babies

The children loved experimenting with the paints. Some only used the cotton reels, others used their hands and covered their paper in paint. We then used fingers to make patterns.

The older children added detail in pen, using the cotton reels as wheels and drawing cars and trains.

What you need:

  • a variety of cotton reels
  • paper- we used A3
  • brightly coloured poster paint
  • trays
  • aprons
  • pens for older children

hand and footprint man

Hand and footprint man

hand and footprint man art idea for babiesSamuel made this when he was about 10 months. It’s one of those things we will keep forever.

What you need:

  • white card
  • wool or string
  • a hole punch
  • wool or ribbon for the hair
  • a photo of the child (older ones could use a drawing)
  • paint
  • goggle eyes (the ones on my example have fallen off!)
  • pen

These do need quite a lot of support, so may be difficult to do in a baby group, but a lovely activity with little ones at home or in a small group setting.

collage calendar

Homemade collage calendar

collage calendar easy to makeI made this in January as I found the stick on calendars in a sale, but I would have made them before Christmas and given them as presents if I had been more organised!

What you need:

  • card (I think these would have looked better on coloured card, but we had lots of white to use up.)
  • stick on calendars
  • collage bits.
  • PVA glue and spreaders
  • a hole punch
  • ribbon


Tear and cut up collage pieces. I stuck to 2 colours and tried to find as many different textures as possible- tissue paper, sugar paper, shiny and transparent, wool, netting, material etc… You could make these with either the stick on pads, or the blanks that are ready to decorate. Both are in the sales at the moment, so it’s not too late to do one for this year!

Calendar pads from Baker Ross

Calendar blanks from Baker Ross