caterpillar handprint

Handprint caterpillars- painting with babies

Children did this in lots of different ways. Some had adult help and used their hands, like my example- kindly provided by my 2 year old. The youngest child to do this was about 4 months old. Others drew a simple face using a felt pen, then just painted a body themselves. Either way, lots of fun and lots of mess!

What you need:

  • poster paints in bright colours (you could use specialist hand print paints. I find these less messy, but the results aren’t quite as bright as they don’t use as much paint.)
  • A3 paper – or bigger
  • paint brushes
  • felt pen

These make much less mess.


fingerprint heart

Make a fingerprint heart card- good for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day

My husband is not the most romantic of fellows, bless him, so imagine my surprise when he presented me with a home made valentine’s day card this year. I feel I have to share it! It’s so sweet and a very simple idea. He just pencilled a heart shape and our 2 year old did fingerprints inside. Ahhh!


Easy to make high energy bird feeder

homemade bird feeder easy to makeWarning- may contain nuts!

I didn’t do this at our baby group, because I was worried about nut allergies, but my 2 year old enjoyed making this one at home.

What you need:

  • a cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • string
  • peanut butter
  • a blunt knife for spreading
  • bird seed
  • plate



Using the knife, make 2 holes in the tube near the top and thread your string through.

How to make the bird feeder:

Sprinkle bird seed on the plate, spread peanut better around the tube and roll in the seed. These can either be hung from a bird feeder or slotted onto a tree. The birds love it, and your little one will too!



Use your shreaded paper to make a collage or face

shreaded paper face easy collage toddler art idea

Either a gluing and sticking activity, or a sensory one

Some children didn’t actually make anything, but just liked to play with the shreaded paper. The youger ones just make a collage while he older ones drew a face and used the paper as hair. It would be effective to add some coloured paper to the shreader, but I just used what I had shreaded at home- reused rather than recycled.


What you need:

    • shreaded paper
    • A3 coloured paper
    • felt pens
    • PVA glue and spreaders
    • google eyes (optional)