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Make a Pirate Hat

Pirate-hat-make-for-childrenWhat you need:

  • thick black paper or thin card
  • white paper
  • pen or pencil
  • glue
  • stapler


You need 2 pirate hat shapes and one black band for each hat. Younger children will need their skull and cross bones drawn for them.

pirate-hat-childrenHow to make your pirate hat:

  • Decorate one of the pirate hat shapes with a skull and cross bones.
  • Staple this to the head band.
  • Staple the other pirate hat shape to the front (not to the head band.)

( front of hat is at the top of the photo)

Buy pirate fancy dress outfits here!

You could adapt this idea and decorate with anything- would make great party hats!



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