Painted ladybird stones

My youngest made these at school (he's aged 5). They used acrylic paints and then were varnished. They can then go outside to decorate your…

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Dried pulses collage

I found some out of date pulses in the back of my kitchen cupboards. Rather than throwing them away, I decided to take them to…

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Paper plate jelly fish

Lots of jelly fish around at the moment. Try making this jelly fish from half a paper plate, some brightly coloured strips of paper and…

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Colour mixing

I left my eldest with just primary colours (yellow, blue, red) to experiment with. Which colours can you make Sammy?

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Balloon printing

Half inflate balloons, dip in paint and use for printing. It gives a lovely effect. Warning: will be messy!      

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Space rocket collage
Rowan with his rocket. He only wanted 2 silver strips because they were the burners ;)

Space rocket collage

I can never get my little boy to do the art and craft activity, he's not interested. My mum suggested that we do something that…

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Paper plate sheep

I was going to do this with cotton wool, but I found some old wool and polystyrene bits that I thought would work well. The…

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Blossom printing picture

I painted the branches and the children printed the pink blossom. Simply created by the underneath of a plastic drinks bottle dipped in pink paint

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Kite collage

White card kite shapes a decorate (actually done because we had lots of bits cut out and left over from the fish collage- recognise the…

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Easter egg rolling

This was a disaster! I have done something similar with marbles to create a lovely firework picture, so I thought I would try with polystyrene…

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Fish collage

Just photocopied a picture of a fish (kindly drawn by my husband) and decorated with fish scales and green tissue paper seaweed.  

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