Painted ladybird stones

My youngest made these at school (he’s aged 5). They used acrylic paints and then were varnished. They can then go outside to decorate your garden. Younger children can just …

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Paper plate jelly fish

Lots of jelly fish around at the moment. Try making this jelly fish from half a paper plate, some brightly coloured strips of paper and plenty of paint!

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Spring and summer nature collages

Use leaves, petals, twigs, grass, what ever you can find, to make a beautiful nature collage. Dandelion seeds give a lovely effect when glued onto black paper. When we did …

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Paper plate sheep- easy animal collage

Paper plate sheep

I was going to do this with cotton wool, but I found some old wool and polystyrene bits that I thought would work well. The first picture is the example …

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Spring blossom printing picture

Blossom printing picture

I painted the branches and the children printed the pink blossom. Simply created by the underneath of a plastic drinks bottle dipped in pink paint

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fishy under the sea easy collage

Fish collage

Just photocopied a picture of a fish (kindly drawn by my husband) and decorated with fish scales and green tissue paper seaweed.  

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Dinosaur handprint painting- with baby or toddler

Handprint dinosaur painting

I just prepared a dinosaur template made out of thick card. The children drew round using felt pen, then used handprints to make stegosaurus dinosaur (Rowan decided he wanted handprints on …

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Caterpillar paper circle collage picture

Caterpillar paper collage

Just paper circles used to make a spring caterpillar picture. If you look closely, you can just about see the caterpillar’s face drawn on.

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Easter bunny ears- easy collage for toddlers

Easter bunny ears

Just a strip of card, bunny ears stapled on, then decorated. I like the pinky coloured tissue paper in the middle. Very cute, and well modelled Rowan x.

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handprint animal bug painting with babies

Handprint flying bug calendars

I like calendars that use handprints, they are so lovely to keep as a precious memory of your little ones. We made the handprints first, then glued the bug’s body …

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Finger print sheep

These were so easy to do and the children loved getting the paint all over their hands! What you need: coloured A3 paper black paper white paint googly eyes Preparation: …

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