Autumn art ideas

Firework string painting

What you need: brightly coloured paint. We used red, yellow, orange and bronze trays string black A3 paper Preparation: cut string into about 50 cm…

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Autumn leaf pen pot

What you need: autumn leaves toilet roll tube PVA glue and spreaders Make sure you  don't collect the leaves too early, or they will be…

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Autumn leaf wax rubbings

This is really effective and not messy! What you need: Fresh leaves paper thick wax crayons in autumnal colours How to create your rubbing: Place…

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Autumn leaf painting
Rowan got stuck in before I could put an apron on!

Autumn leaf painting

What you need: collection of leaves- not too dry or they are too brittle. I picked an hour or so before the session ready mix…

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Autumn leaf sponge painting

What you need: paint in autumnal colours pots paper pen autumn leaf sponges (you could make leaf shapes potato prints or make cardboard leaf stencils)…

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Marble firework painting

This is very easy to create and very effective. What you need marbles black paper or card brightly coloured paint gold and silver paint (optional)…

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Hedgehog collage

What you need brown card brown wool black marker pen background paper glue and spreaders (PVA would be better than glue sticks) Preparation cut out…

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Autumn Apple Collage

A very simple idea. We turned our apples into a display, making a group apple tree. What you need brown and green card red paper (various…

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