Craft ideas for babies and toddlers

Snowman advent calendar

Sam made this at Beavers, so would be difficult for very young children. Large chocolate button sweets were wrapped in silver foil and stuck on…

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Easter bunny ears

Just a strip of card, bunny ears stapled on, then decorated. I like the pinky coloured tissue paper in the middle. Very cute, and well…

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homemade paper bauble

Very simple to make and gives your Christmas tree a homely feel. What you need: paper or card in any colour children's scissors glittery bits…

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Make a snowman hat

I think you will agree that Rowan looks super cute in his snowman hat! What you need: black sugar paper white paper felt pens glitter…

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Make a cotton pad sheep badge

What you need: cotton pads black card needle and white cotton wiggle eyes (or eye stickers if worried about choking hazards) safety pins glue sticks…

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Make a party hat
Made by my 2 year old, but modelled by Sam!

Make a party hat

This are a bit different, but are easy to do and require little preparation. What you need: thin card or sugar paper sellotape stapler and…

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Free Play Dough Recipe

Why spend money on play dough when you can make it yourself?! Play dough recipe 1- Using a cooking method 3 cups of plain flour…

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Make a Pirate Hat

What you need: thick black paper or thin card white paper pen or pencil glue stapler Preparation: You need 2 pirate hat shapes and one…

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