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Made by my 2 year old, but modelled by Sam!

Make a party hat

Made by my 2 year old, but modelled by Sam!

This are a bit different, but are easy to do and require little preparation.

What you need:

  • thin card or sugar paper
  • sellotape
  • stapler and staples
  • glue
  • scissors
  • bits to stick on. This one has fabric scrapes and shredded paper, but you can use what ever you like.


Complete pictures 1 and 2 (see below).

How to make your party hat (it’s easy to make, but difficult to explain!):

  • fold the paper in half long ways
  • cut about 3/4 of the way along the paper, starting at the folded edge (see picture 1). Do this all the way along.
  • with the strip still unfolded, slide the top half up and scellotape in place (see picture 2)
  • turn the strip into a headband, with the scellotape on the inside.
  • decorate
Picture 2
Picture 1








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