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Make a simple Valentine’s Day/ Mother’s Day card

Easy Valentine card babies toddlers paintingCan be made using the painting by a very young children

What you need:

  • paint in reds, pinks and purple
  • paint brush- or use hands and fingers
  • red glitter (optional)
  • large piece of paper- we used A3
  • A4 piece of coloured card
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make you card

Let the child loose with the paints! Mixing them together gives a lovely effect. Sprinkle with red glitter while paint is still wet. Let the paint dry. Fold the coloured card in half and cut out a large heart shape. Cut out a section of the painting that will look good and stick inside the card so that it can be seen through the heart-shaped hole.

This was the original painting
Opened out card

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