Dinosaur handprint painting- with baby or toddler

Handprint dinosaur painting

I just prepared a dinosaur template made out of thick card. The children drew round using felt pen, then used handprints to make stegosaurus dinosaur (Rowan decided he wanted handprints on …

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Easy to make snowman advent calendar with chocolate!

Snowman advent calendar

Sam made this at Beavers, so would be difficult for very young children. Large chocolate button sweets were wrapped in silver foil and stuck on using sticky tabs to make …

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Caterpillar paper circle collage picture

Caterpillar paper collage

Just paper circles used to make a spring caterpillar picture. If you look closely, you can just about see the caterpillar’s face drawn on.

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Easter bunny ears- easy collage for toddlers

Easter bunny ears

Just a strip of card, bunny ears stapled on, then decorated. I like the pinky coloured tissue paper in the middle. Very cute, and well modelled Rowan x.

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Easter eggs and straw- easy Easter collage

Easter egg collage with straw.

We used shredded paper from a craft shop, but you could easily used shredded bank statements- even better shredded yellow and brown paper! Simply a card shape cut out and decorated.

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egg box collage- easy art idea for toddlers

Egg box collage

Using old egg boxes gives a lovely 3D collage- and it soaks up loads of glue! Decorate with anything that takes your fancy 🙂  

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handprint animal bug painting with babies

Handprint flying bug calendars

I like calendars that use handprints, they are so lovely to keep as a precious memory of your little ones. We made the handprints first, then glued the bug’s body …

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Finger print sheep

These were so easy to do and the children loved getting the paint all over their hands! What you need: coloured A3 paper black paper white paint googly eyes Preparation: …

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